1. Important questions for Tumblr: out of these two gorgeous Persephone-inspired pomegranate necklaces, which do you prefer?

    1. meenahfreakinpeixes answered: the left!
    2. commodorecrumpet answered: Ooooh the one on the left is my favorite, but both of these are GORGEOUS!
    3. ricelily answered: the one on the right.
    4. whistlealittletune answered: I like the one on the right better, the first looks too much like a heart/brain at first glance.
    5. blazeroxfordproblem answered: First
    6. strifesolutionstower answered: hmmmm, I think the left.
    7. sherlockcat answered: I like the full on pom seed one, poms, nom nom, got one in the fridge to eat in a few days
    8. misandryad answered: i prefer the first pic with both sides of it having seeds
    9. alicexz answered: BOOOOTHHHHH
    10. duckindolans answered: the first one :D
    11. eileenpaints posted this

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